Last night we finally did it family! After around a month sitting between 490 and 492, we finally achieved our year goal of hitting 500 subs!


Sure that may not seem like some great achievement to many Youtubers, but I’ve always been about growing slowly to have a real family and community so I don’t do the usual sub4sub that I see so many YouTubers doing.

Sure it’d be nice to be over 1K and sure not all 500 are active but I’ve been getting a lot of support from a lot of you new comers to the family and some originals so I’m happy.

I was tempted to make a milestone video but honestly, my son and I were watching YouTube when it happened and I just smiled and felt warm inside that I got to experience that moment with my oldest son.

Thank you all so much for the continual support and hope you all stay around long term. The road to 1K begins!

Much love.